Sailjuice Series - Tiger Trophy at Rutland 31st Jan and 1st Feb
Source:  British Contender Association
Monday, 26 January 2015 15:10

At the Steve Nicholson Trophy last Saturday, 4 contenders raced in the 80 boat singlehanded class with Stuart Jones a very close 2nd. The obvious lesson being, get a better start!!!

The Sailjuice Series now swiftly moves onto the Tiger Trophy on 31st Jan and 1st Feb at Rutland SC. The forecast at the moment is good and breezy.

There are currently 2 Contenders entered who would like a bit of company.

Series results and all the info you need and entry is here.

We have our own class series within the main series - best 4 results from any of the 8 events.

Sailjuice Series - Steve Nicholson Trophy 24th January
Source:  British Contender Association
Tuesday, 13 January 2015 11:27

Flushed with some Contender success from the Bloody Mary the Sailjuice Series brings The Steve Nicholson Trophy on 24th January at Northampton SC.

There are currently 4 Contenders entered in the singlehanded category and if it's windy were in with a great chance. If not we'll be doing our bit to improve our handicap..........

Entries are initially limited to 120. Further places may be made available via Sailracer should NSC members not take up their allocation of 40 places.

This morning there are 147 entries so you'll need to get in quickly.

We have our own class series within the main series - best 4 results from any of the 8 events.

Contenders at Sailjuice Oxford Blue – report by Mike Murley
Source:  British Contender Association
Thursday, 08 January 2015 21:52


With a fantastic entry of 13 Contenders at the 150 boat Oxford Blue we got noticed, which is what we wanted. Well done to everyone for turning up.


Half the Contender fleet was a bit of a shambles to be honest, me included since I only did one race then wimped out with the lurgy.


One famous heavy weather sailor arrived remarkably early for him, only to find a broken bolt on the trolley caused the trolley to embed itself in the hull. A brutal lesson on maintenance.


Another young sailor who will remain anonymous (but comes from the Burton region) overslept and did well to even make the start line. A lesson on sobriety and alarm clock maintenance.


A couple of others retired after the first race, which was a horrible drift, only for the breeze to immediately pipe up to give two quite reasonable races. Well the first race was horrible in all honesty. Being overtaken upwind by a floating chocolate bar (Aero). I’d never even heard of the damned things but there were loads and in 2 knots they’re really annoying.


Of those who stayed on the course, Stu Jones did the fleet proud by finishing 8th overall out of a huge fleet on a relatively small reservoir. Who said Contenders don’t like tacking?


Rob Smith, Nick Grace and Chris Howe all made it into the top half overall.


Having been to a few of these events now I’ve got to say they are fun. Its good chatting to other sailors about their boats and answering questions about Contenders.


See you at the Bloody Mary on Saturday (perhaps). With a forecast of 45 knot gusts I’m not convinced I’m going to make the trip, but maybe.


01.01.2015: Saisonbeginn in Bremen
Source:  German Contender Class
Wednesday, 07 January 2015 10:18

(07.01.2015) In Bremen hat die Contender-Truppe das Jahr 2015 am Sportpark-See direkt an Neujahr feierlich eröffnet: Roman, Dirk und Maisi hatten Spaß bei SW 3 und anfangs sonnigen 4°C. Glühwein gab's nicht, der wird erst bei Minusgraden gereicht. Wer Lust hat, an den Wochenenden in Bremen mitzutrainieren (die Winterpause fällt dort in der Regel komplett aus, solang der See nicht mehr als zwei Zentimeter dick zugefroren ist), melde sich bitte gern bei Maisi. Die Kontaktdaten findet Ihr links im Menü unter Kontakte und dann Regionalobleute . (Oder hier als Link (index.php?option=com_content task=view id=20 Itemid=35#Regionalobleute)).

Sailjuice Series - Bloody Mary 10th January
Source:  British Contender Association
Monday, 05 January 2015 12:15

After mixed results for the large entry of Contenders at the Oxford Blue, the Sailjuice Winter Series brings the Bloody Mary pursuit at Queen Mary SC on Saturday the 10th January.

Keen new boy Pete Mitchell has entered and would like some company.
The forecast at present is windy so it could be a good one for us........

Worth noting :-
There is an entry limit of 350 boats.
Entries will be accepted up to this limit on a sequential basis as follows:
(i) Entries may be lodged before midnight on Wednesday 7th January 2015 for a fee of £17.00.
(ii) Entries may be lodged after this time, for a fee of £20.00, by post or in person.
(iii) Entries will be accepted on the day of the race from 08:30 until 12:00 or until the entry limit is reached, at which time the entry desk will promptly close.

We have our own class series within the main series - best 4 results from any of the 8 events.

Training in France, May
Source:  British Contender Association
Friday, 02 January 2015 17:47

Hi Guys,

Our French Sailing compatriates are having a training session in Quiberon (around the Ascension holiday (that's 14th-17th May) and they're throwing in some racing on days 2,3 and possibly 4.

FYI this will most probably be the venue for the 2019 Worlds.

  Anyone who's interested, message me by the 11th January with any accomodation requirements so that we can give them an idea of numbers (vans are fine)

Registration for the Worlds 2015 is open!
Source:  Dutch Coontender Association
Monday, 29 December 2014 15:58

To register for the Pre-Worlds (Dutch Open Championship) and the Contender Worlds 2015

please go to the event page click here.

7 Contenders entered so far for Sailjuice at Oxford on 3rd January
Source:  British Contender Association
Friday, 26 December 2014 16:46

Believe it or not we are becoming one of the most active classes on the Sailjuice circuit!
This winters Sailjuice Series is proving popular for a keen band of Contender sailors.
6 of us enjoyed really close racing at the Datchet Flyer a few weeks ago.
And 6 are entered for the Brass Monkey tomorrow. Good luck as it looks like its going to be a gentle sail now instead of the full on gales that were forecast.
The next event after the Brass Monkey will be at Oxford SC on 3rd January.
So far we have 7 Contenders entered for Oxford, and there's still time to register if you get in soon.
Great fun. Fantastic boat handling practice. Help promote our Class.

Sailjuice Series - Brass Monkey 27th December
Source:  British Contender Association
Friday, 19 December 2014 11:25

After bad Saturday results for the 6 Contenders, but a cracking Sunday at the Datchet Flyer the Sailjuice Winter Series brings the Brass Monkey at Yorkshire Dales on the 27th December.
There are currently 6 hardy Contender sailors entered.

We have our own class series within the main series - best 4 results from any of the 8 events.
The Grafham Grand Prix, also in this series, was due on 28th December, but due to low water levels it has been postponed to 22nd February, so don't turn up and finish off that Turkey instead.

Bericht Pfingsten auf Spiekeroog
Source:  German Contender Class
Tuesday, 16 December 2014 10:08

(16.12.2014) Das etwas andere Contender-Event, das ist die Yardstick-Regatta über Pfingsten auf Spiekeroog. Eine tolle Veranstaltung, bei der sich das Contender-Segeln mal ganz anders erleben lässt: Mit Schleusen, Schweinswalen, Strömung, Bier auf der Sandbank und vielem mehr... Einmal mehr ein wunderbarer Bericht von Andreas Voigt (GER-11), zu dem Dirk Müller (GER-2527) tolle Fotos ( bereit gestellt hat. Danke!

Dutch Contender Association staat met een stand op de HISWA 2015!!
Source:  Dutch Coontender Association
Monday, 15 December 2014 12:48


De HISWA 2015 is van woensdag 11 tot en met zondag 15 maart.

Stand nummer: 02.206

Voor meer informatie en kaarten hou de site in de gaten!!

Bericht Eispokal
Source:  German Contender Class
Monday, 08 December 2014 16:38

(08.12.2014) Auf der Alster hat Max Billerbeck (GER-488) -- mal wieder -- den Eispokal gewonnen. Bei leichtem Wind und sonnigem Wetter hatte sich am Samstag zunächst mal Jörg Schlienkamp (GER-2510) an die Spitze gesetzt, bevor Max nach den Wettfahrten am Sonntag bei etwas stärkerem Wind ein DNF streichen konnte. Mit zwei ersten und zwei zweiten Plätzen durfte Mal also wieder den dicken Schäkel nach Hause tragen. Die Eisfee ging an Neueinsteigerin Swantje Amelsberg vom HSC. Hier die Ergebnisliste ( Den schnellsten Regattabericht der Saison findet Ihr unter dem Foto von Max und Swantje (Danke, Dirk!!).

Sailjuice Series - Datchet Flyer 13/14 December
Source:  British Contender Association
Friday, 05 December 2014 15:15

If your interested in testing your skills against some of the UKs top sailors come and give the Datchet Flyer a go on 13/14 December. Part of the Sailjuice Winter Series.

All the info you need and entry is here.

We have our own class series with the main series - best 4 results from any of the 8 events.

If you need somewhere to stay drop me, Stuart Jones, a note by clicking here. I'll be there as I've paid my money!!

Comeback angekündigt
Source:  German Contender Class
Sunday, 30 November 2014 17:48

(30.11.2014) Aus zuverlässiger Quelle wissen wir, dass Backe alias Jan von der Bank -- Deutscher Rekordmeister, Weltmeister 2015 und Achterdeck-Kopfstand-Künstler -- nächstes Jahr wieder im Contender an den Start geht. Anderthalb Jahre nach seiner letzten Contender-Regatta bei der Kieler Woche 2013 hat Backe sein aktuelles Buchprojekt (pünktlich zum Weihnachtsgeschäft) abgeschlossen. Mit Die 7 magischen Klabauterknoten (Link ( hat Jan ein Kinderbuch veröffentlicht, in dem der kleine Klabautermann Pikkofinte Sturmholz auf seiner ersten großen Reise jede Menge Abenteuer zu bestehen hat. Also falls jemand noch ein Weihnachtsgeschenk sucht...

Rutland Inland Championship results
Source:  British Contender Association
Monday, 03 November 2014 15:49

Click here for Rutland Inland Championship results 1st/2nd November 2014.

Please hold your breath for a report from Simon Mussell giving full details!!!

Travellers and Handicaps updated after Rutland
Source:  British Contender Association
Monday, 03 November 2014 15:46

Click here for Travellers and Handicaps updated after Rutland.

Or see links and downloads under Reports and Results.

Spiegelplas overtuigend gewonnen door Bart (NED3)
Source:  Dutch Coontender Association
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 12:47

Door Pim Langendijk;
Zaterdag 11 oktober werd op de spiegelplas gezeild om het hardst. Dat dit dit maal erg moeilijk was kwam door de vele winddraaiïngen, buien en ander ongerief voor zeilers en wed-co.
Op zaterdag een mooie 10 boten aan de start van de eerste van 3 geplande wedstrijden. Die van Rep Boonstra verdiende een schoonheidsprijs: wat een mooi gerestaureerde Contender bracht hij mee uit Edam. De gebruikelijke voorin zeilende boten gingen hard weg. Bart en Dirk waren het eerste bij de bovenboei, die toen nog redelijk in de wind lag. Cees en Paul zaten er dicht achter, maar er moesten in baan 2 nog 3 rondjes worden gevaren (driehoek, lus, en driehoek naar de finishlijn). Er werd nog een paar keer stuivertje gewisseld in de rakjes daarna. Sommigen rookies zoals Pieter kwamen nog aardig dicht bij het voorste viertal. Uiteindelijk won Bart, voor Dirk (2) en Cees met een mooie derde plaats. Daarna ontspon zich een mooi weertafereel aan het firmament en een comité dat tot het uiterste probeerde te gaan om de baan goed te leggen.

Contender is coming home!
Source:  Dutch Coontender Association
Friday, 26 September 2014 12:42

Het WK 2015 brengt de Contender weer terug naar Medemblik, waar de boot in 1968 de trials won voor de nieuwe internationale eenheidsklasse. Dit historisch gegeven, en de prima organisatie bij eerdere WK's in Nederland maken dat Medemblik garant staat voor een superWK en dito opkomst. Alleen nog even organiseren ;-)


We komen als organisatie aardig op stoom, maar er is ook nog veel werk te verzetten. Zaterdag 11 oktober na de maaltijd/na de wedstrijden bij WV De Spiegel willen we met de Contenderzeilers bespreken hoe we het aanpakken, ideeën uitwisselen en bespreken hoe jullie kunnen bijdragen in de voorbereiding. Graag tot zaterdag!

Met vriendelijke groeten, 
Bart Thorborg

Inschrijving Spiegelplaswedstrijden is open!
Source:  Dutch Coontender Association
Friday, 19 September 2014 11:09

Op zaterdag 11 en zondag 12 oktober worden de Spiegelplaswedstrijden georganiseerd door WSV de Spiegel i.s.m. de klasse-organisaties (o.a. DCA). Officieus wordt dit min of meer de laatste wedstrijd van het seizoen. Je kunt daarna nog meedoen met de Martinspokal in Krefeld en de Boterletter in Rotterdam op de Kralingse plas.
De herfstwedstrijden op de Spiegelplas worden vrijwel altijd erg gezellig vanwege het knusse karakter van WSV de Spiegel. Adres (Haven): Dammerweg 62achter, Nederhorst den Berg, Tel. 0294 – 251947.

Contender EM 2014 Event Movie
Source:  Dutch Coontender Association
Monday, 15 September 2014 22:40