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How to set up - Marco Versari explains in Detail

Ready, Set, Sail: Rigging tips from Marco Versari
Reading is outdated, so the International Contender Class is helping the attention-challenged with the launch of this great video program featuring Marco Versari, a top Contender sailor, and arguably the greatest thing to come from Italy since pizza.
Marco runs through his hot boat set up, talking about everything from the transom to the chainplates, offering some great advice for every contender sailor, no matter what skill level.
The tuning video is part of a DVD that is being released by the ICA to show new sailors the basics of the boat and more advanced skills, both off and on the water. This is a must for anyone wanting to learn about the boat from the privacy of their computer or home (we wouldn't suggest bringing a laptop on the water though). To view the DVD online - see it here  to download the DVD source ask Neil or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 2-3-maststep 2-4-vang-foot-cunnign 2-5-boom 2-6-tower 2-7-progrip 2-8-hullskin 2-9-centerboard 2-10-transom 2-11-trapeze 2-12-forestay 2-13-mast